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  Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for Billy Meier, a reclusive man living in a rugged, rural area of Switzerland, who claims that his still ongoing UFO contacts with Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings began in 1942, when he was only five years old. Horn immediately makes distinctions between what he calls the “lights-in-the-sky”, tabloid-type of UFO stories and Meier’s scientifically proven UFO contacts. “While there is now no shortage of strictly anecdotal, as well as completely imaginary tales of so-called UFO contactees, abductions, etc., Meier’s are the only substantiated contacts. Because it’s the most suppressed – and the most important – story in human history, many people don’t know that his clear, daytime UFO photos, films, sound recordings and metal samples have already been authenticated by scientific experts.” But while Meier’s hundreds of examples of still irreproducible physical evidence establishes it as the only authentic UFO contact case, Horn claims there’s an even higher standard of proof. “Billy Meier has published volumes of the most specific, prophetically accurate scientific information in history. We can take the UFOs out of the equation entirely and we’re faced with Meier’s ironclad information that preempts ‘official discovery’, often by decades,” said Horn, “and his warnings about geo-political events are equally, as well as often disturbingly, accurate.”



  Dr. Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. Since 1970 she has traveled and taught meditation, self-development, and intuition to students in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, the Far East. Plus, through the Internet, her reach has spread worldwide. A skilled lecturer, teacher, healer, counselor, and prayer therapist, she has authored dozens of seminars and classes and published many audio and video workshops. Dr. Shumsky was not born with any supernormal faculties but developed her expertise through decades of patient daily study and practice. Having walked the path herself, she can guide others along their path. All of Dr. Shumsky’s years of research into consciousness and inner exploration have gone into Divine Revelation, which can significantly reduce many pitfalls in a seeker’s quest for inner truth and greatly shorten the time required for the inner pathway to the divine. Dr. Shumsky has always danced to a different drummer. One of her most intriguing qualities is her total dedication. Since 1989 she has traveled extensively and continually, alone, in her trailer, van, or motor home. Her life on the open road takes her from truck stops and rest stops in the USA, to the mysteries of the Himalayas, the Andes, the Nile, Greek Isles, Easter Island, Down Under, pyramids of Guatemala and Mexico, sacred sites of Europe, mosques of Istambul, and exotic temples of India. She is a spiritual road warrior/ adventurer/ gypsy/ mystic/ yogi/ guru/ enlightening speaker....



James H. Fetzer was born in Pasadena, California, on 6 December 1940. At graduation from South Pasadena High School in 1958, he was presented The Carver Award for leadership. He was magna cum laude in philosophy at Princeton University in 1962, where his senior thesis for Carl G. Hempel on the logical structure of explanations of human behavior won The Dickinson Prize. After being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, he became an artillery officer and served in the Far East. After a tour supervising recruit training in San Diego, he resigned his commission as a Captain to begin graduate work in the history and philosophy of science at Indiana in 1966. He completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on probability and explanation for Wesley C. Salmon in 1970. His initial faculty appointment was at the University of Kentucky, where he received the first Distinguished Teaching Award presented by the Student Government to 1 of 135 assistant professors. Since 1977, he has taught at a wide range of institutions of higher learning, including the Universities of Virginia (twice), Cincinnati, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, New College of the University of South Florida, and now the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, where he served from 1987 until his retirement in 2006. His honors include a research fellowship from the National Science Foundation and The Medal of the University of Helsinki. In 1996, he became one of the first ten faculty at the University of Minnesota to be...


Jenny ashford & Dr. Albert Taylor join me live tonight 8:00 pm pst

  Jenny Ashford is a horror writer and graphic artist. Her other books include Red Menace, Bellwether, The Five Poisons, The Tenebrist, and two short-story collections, Hopeful Monsters and The Associated Villainies. She has also written a paranormal nonfiction account titled The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist with Tom Ross. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies including The Nightmare Collective, History Is Dead, 2012 AD, ChimeraWorld #3 and ChimeraWorld #4. Her horror blog,, contains current writing news, short stories and articles, and her opinions about horror films and the genre in general. Steve Mera is a parapsychologist, paranormal investigator, freelance journalist, lecturer and tutor. He is the owner of the free monthly publication known as Phenomena Magazine, and chairman and founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology in Manchester, England. He is the author of three books-Strange Happenings: Memoirs of a Paranormal Investigator; Paranormal Insight: A Concise Study of the Strange and Profound; and The Paranormal Investigators Handbook: A Professional Look at the Subject of Ghosthunting. He has appeared on over 90 TV shows and series, over 100 radio stations, and has published articles in over 300 publications internationally.   Dr. Albert Taylor Born and raised in Southern California, Albert Taylor performed development engineering on a top secret program which has since become known as the F-117A Stealth Fighter. He evaluated satellite system designs in support of former President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or Star Wars. During the late 1980’s Taylor taught Logistics Engineering at Cerritos College, California. He...



Cynthia McKinney has become an internationally renowned human rights activist because of her readiness to step into the line of fire in order to achieve her goals. Cynthia has been stranded in international waters and rescued by the Lebanese Navy as she attempted to deliver humanitarian assistance to the besieged people of Gaza during Israel’s 22-day military attack on Gaza, Palestine–Operation Cast Lead. Also as a result of her activism around Israel/Palestine issues she served 7 days in an Israeli prison for attempting to deliver school supplies to Gaza’s children in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead. Cynthia had traveled to Libya just days before U.S./NATO operations against that country. After the outbreak of actual bombing of that country, Cynthia assembled a team of journalists and took them to Libya to report the truth as opposed to the war propaganda that the world’s people–especially inside the United States–were being fed. Cynthia reported on many war crimes from the U.S./NATO operation against Libya and noted that she could taste the grit of the bunker busters as they pounded that African country’s soil. Cynthia’s book, “Illegal War On Libya” is a report on Libya before, during, and after the bombing from people who were familiar with or traveled to that country with Cynthia. Cynthia recently completed a fact-finding mission to Syria to understand the complexities of the push for U.S. war against that country. Her report on Syria will be forthcoming. Cynthia was recently invited to speak at a Conference sponsored by...


*Coast To Coast A.M.* 3/20/17

I was featured on the pod-caster segment on Coast to Coast A.M. Thank you to those who listened, it was an absolute honor to be apart of  “The Largest Overnight Talk Show in America”. First Half: Historian, economist, author and national speaker, Neil Howe will discuss his work on generations and how they shape history as well as the twenty year cycle of crisis facing the US as predicted in his book The Fourth Turning. Howe foresaw the rise in populism and his ideas have been studied by the current White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon. He’ll reveal the trends in play at the moment including Millennials entering adulthood, Generation X taking over the leadership of American institutions and Baby Boomers dealing with retirement issues. Second Half: Author and expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, has described and chronicled these dark menaces now interrupting lives around the globe. She’ll report on the latest cases she has investigated and why she believes the girls involved with the Slenderman stabbing may have actually been under the influence of the Hat Man. News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Connie Willis, Steve Kates   Thank you to the entire staff over at c2c am.



Norio Hayakawa, a resident of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, has been engaged in the study of UFOs for more than fifty years. An expert on Nevada’s Area 51 and the alleged underground base near Dulce, New Mexico, he was responsible for organising ‘The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction?’ conference – the first event of its kind ever held – which took place in the town of Dulce in March 2009. During his many years as a UFO lecturer, activist, and researcher, he’s brushed shoulders with such well-known figures as the late William ‘Bill’ Cooper, Bob Lazar and the late Gabe Valdez. Much of Hayakawa’s research focuses on the technological-militaristic and socio-political aspects of the UFO phenomenon – an area overlooked by most other UFO researchers. A unique and discerning voice in the field of UFOlogy, he suggests there’s been an effort on the part of the authorities, for reasons both disturbing and far-reaching, to manipulate the public’s beliefs concerning UFOs and aliens. Like Dr. Jacques Vallée and others, he isn’t afraid to point out the shortcomings of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), while at the same time maintaining an open-mind.