Richard Gage live 4 pm pst 9/3/17

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  1. Joseph Olson says:

    I am a trained structural engineer who attended the A & E Truth DVD premier, in Austin, May 2009 with Alex Jones of InfoWars and Richard Gage. During this four hour long press conference I reviewed NYC stamped permit plans, newsreel of WTC construction and the A & E thermite hypothesis. Greater force was required, as presented by VeteranToday in their “Nuclear Education” series. The VT hypothesis was the subject of my interviews with Dr James Fetzer, Mar 16, 2015 and John B Wells, CaravanToMidnight, Episode #270 in April 2015.

    I attended four A & E Truth DVD premiers, and after Richard Gage included the Christopher Bollyns info on the “who” and VT info on “how” I signed the A & E petition in Dec 2016. We have been systematically lied to about everything, forever.

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