Michael Horn – Billy Meier Prophecies, Tom DeLonge, UFO Community|EOD 66

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  1. eheh… I did manage to speak briefly with Mr. Horn right after the other show you did a couple weeks ago… we were all very tired … it was 1am at my place when that other show ended up wiithout me being able to reach you guys… anyway listening to this one right now… oh gosh uou should have played my message agaon… lol… yeah I was the one making those skype beeps … but not this time… lol

    ahah… i was too nervous could not transmit anything intelligent…

    Have a good one Michael… ive went to so many phases recently… but its very true i am much interested in the Meiere case… in fact i think im an “embassadeur” in my region for my people… we gotta practice french and german and not get too lost in the englush worls but this is how i came into contact with the spiritual teaching… through michael with the silent revolution of truth film…

    hey by the way for the french people there is aome stuff already translated… not much but its worth visiting figu.fr.org or fr.figu.org or simply go to the mother website and click other languages or something…

    we will try to make some of this stuff available in french in the comming decades

    there is a fb group as well… ami(e)s de Billy Meier (BEAM) et FIGU or something we might have modified the name recently

    anyway… Salome

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