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Architect, Host, & Producer: Michael Decon


A long time radio enthusiast, Michael’s broadcast style has been shaped and influenced by a number of classic talk shows.

On October 31st, 2016, the old incarnation of this program was abruptly cut short. Now, like a phoenix from the ashes, End of Days: The Michael Decon Program comes forth in a brand new life, for a brand new day.

As legend would have it, Michael was held chained inside a boiler room for six months when he was a child.

He was released suddenly on a forgiving October morning, for reasons that are unclear to this day.

A number of unusual, unexplained events have occurred in Michael’s life. A natural skeptic, he often finds himself at odds with his own experiences. Now the cryptic symbolism in his strange experiences has begun to slowly decode itself before his eyes. You can hear Michael broadcasting from the wastelands of California every Saturday night at 7:30 pm pst – 10:30 pm est, live on the TuneIn radio app & website


E-Mail: michael@michaeldecon.com


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  1. Rick Casteel says:

    I’m a new listener to your show. Tonight was with John Lear and I found your show very entertaining. You can count on me to catch you on the internet as often as I can, I have your web page on my favorite list also. Best of luck.

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