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  1. Michael, you have the gift. Use it wisely. One day, you will be a legend. That is my prediction.

  2. Jackstar says:

    … wait, [i]which[/i] Kennedy?

  3. Sean Regalado says:

    “Good people are dying
    there are children who are starving
    our world is in trouble
    and people are calling out to god for protection
    people are calling out to god to help our nation
    and never realizing for one moment that the devine presence in the universe is not listening
    because you have your own concept of whatever you think is true
    whatever you believe to be true
    but you have never confronted the real truth
    the real truth is that the people who are in power who put this system together
    have been in power for thousands of years.

    What is this from?

  4. anctious says:

    Hi Sean, I believe the quote you are referencing is Jordan Maxwell. I may be wrong, but that sounds like the voice to me. I know for a fact, however, that the quote which goes “You would not even know of the secret societies, you would not know about the Illuminati, if it wasn’t for me, from before you were born young man, from before you were born!” is definitely Jordan Maxwell.

  5. Frank says:

    What up!!???

  6. Justin says:

    Michael Decon is the best fucking radio host period! Keep on rocking my good man!

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